Wacom graphics tablets and FontForge

I have added support to FontForge for the wacom graphics tablet. Eventually I will write some drawing tools that depend on pressure (and tilt perhaps).

To install a wacom tablet on your (linux) machine you must do two things:

If you can't get the X11 driver to work, I have hacked a little mini-driver into FontForge (this can take the place of the X11 driver, it depends on the kernel driver working). Since the configure script can't detect that you have a non-working X11 driver on your machine (or a tablet) you must configure this option by hand. So after the normal configure script has run (and before typing make):

$ su
# chmod 644 /dev/input/event0
# ^D
$ cd gdraw
$ vi Makefile

Add gdrawwacomdriver.lo to the list of libgdraw_OBJECTS And add -D_WACOM_DRV_BROKEN to CFLAGS.